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Aviva Anastasia Payne, also known professionally as AViVA is Australian singer, writer, songwriter and High School Teacher. She was born on May 6, 1994. She moved to LA in early 2019.

In 2019, she spent time touring with the musicians Poppy and YUNGBLUD. She also spent time on tour to write some new music, then she released a new single called PSYCHO. After that, AViVA went on her first American tour. She wants her music to have a great connection with people and make people proud of who they are, and not think about what other people think about them, and always be themselves.

Her music consists of electro-pop and emo rap. She states her music is about a "Outsider"'s perspective and she is on a quest to help the community of outsiders, because in a interview, she said she was dubbed a "quirky" person and was bullied a lot. Throughout her childhood, she has been an avid violin player and her family is from Malta. She also studied secondary education and theatre at Notre Dame University.

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  • She says on a somethingyousaid.com interview that she has been writing songs as a way to communicate her feelings. It's always been a coping mechanism for her.
  • Her music has roots to the riot girl music genre, that's the motive of naming one of her songs "GRRRLS".
  • When she was a teenager she got really into zines.
  • She states in a interview that felines make her happy.
  • AViVA has written a book called SELF/LESS, it's about a world where creativity is prohibited and you will be punished for it, nobody knows when this will release yet.
  • Her tracks are usually produced by Matais Coulter.
  • Aviva’s fans refer to themselves as ‘OUTSiDERS’, a reference she has alluded to herself as being in her book “SELF/LESS”. She is highly engaged with her fans and is known for her active presence on social media (particularly YouTube) to connect with her fans and audience.
  • She is an high school teacher, when she is not making music[1].
  • Her favorite video game is fallout.[1]
  • Her favorite gaming soundtrack is skyrim.[1]
  • Most of her songs are popular in the gacha life community, GRRRLS is one of the most used songs.
  • Her stage name used to be with a extra A at the end, however she removed it.
  • Her music is also very popular with cosplayers and AMVs.
  • Lana Del Ray, Melanie Martinez, and Billie Eilish are her favorite singers.
  • Her favorite bands are The Smiths and Twenty One Pilots.
  • In an interview, she said that The Smiths had a big influence for her music.
  • She also did a mashup which includes Twenty One Pilots' s song-Heathens and Melanie Martinez's song-Carousel.
  • NF and Nicki Minaj are her favorite rappers.
  • Her zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • When she was younger she used to want to be an opera singer
  • She loves classic music because she thinks that this type of music is emotional.
  • She has polish origin,becouse her great grandmother was born in Poland.
  • She loves reading books.
  • When she was a teenager ,she used to match stories to the music she listened to or she wrote music to the books


Official website: https://www.thisisaviva.co/

Personal Website: https://www.avivaanastasia.com/


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