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Link Drakk is a secondary antagonist in SELF/LESS.


Link's skin is an unhealthy dirty peach, his muscles clearly showing where he is not clad in leather. Link's hair is described to be like 'knives from his head'; he wears it in a white spiked mohawk. Link's eyes are outlined in kohl and he has black lines drawn across his cheekbones and chin. He always wears leather, black, with boots and a spiked shoulder pad. Green goggles hang around his neck. A belt filled with knives and tools is strapped around his waist, and leather armbands cover his arms.


Link is cruel, unforgiving and ruthless. He is blind to the feelings of others and easily pushes people aside like objects. Link is sadistic, loving to cause pain to others, especially people whom he sees as beneath him. He is very influential in Clan Ember and has a large band of bloodthirsty followers, blackmailing the more innocent members into telling him their secrets. He has a certain amount of brain power as he manipulates the rest of the clan into believing what he says, even if they are the most obvious lies. He solves problems with a dagger and doesn't just stab and leave; he makes his torture painful, draining and heartbreaking. His hatred towards Teddy Veodrum is particularly fierce as her sudden placing as Clan Head ensured he couldn't take over the leading position. Link later attempts to kill her, and captures her, tortures her and locks her up.