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Luanna Veodrum is a protagonist in SELF/LESS. She is the mother of Teddy Veodrum and editor of the Metropolis Magazine.


Luanna's hair is dark and her skin pale. Her clothing is classy and refined, depicted as wearing a sleek white dress with a tight skirt, black heeled shoes, elegant black gloves and a matching black beret.


Luanna is a loving mother to Teddy and maintains her image as the 'darling of Metropolis' quite well. Luanna is not blind to the ban on creativity and is a secret Sympathiser, despite what the public sees and the constant burden of her husband being in the City Council. She has a complicated personality, mostly smoothed over by her outside image. On the inside, she is fierce and caring for both Teddy and the rights of the people. She believes in justice and equality and is working from within to bring the peace back to the city.