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Metropolis, or Metropolis City, is a primary location in SELF/LESS. It is where the first half of the story takes place.



The City Council building, as seen in VOLUME II.

Metropolis is the largest and only remaining city left on Earth, the rest of the world having been torn into disarray by a nuclear fallout of the Outside World. The City is surrounded by a tough, skyscraper-tall outer wall to keep the people safe. This is constantly patrolled by the City Guards. It houses millions of Chosen People, and all who are over seventeen have been marked with their Partnership Seal. The City Council contains files on every individual, and flushes out files on those who have been 'infected' and later Sanitised.

Metropolis is ruled by the City Council and the Mayor. Radical laws condemn all forms of self-expression and creativity, banishing human nature.

Thousands of suburbs are dotted in patterns around Metropolis, all with identical buildings - primarily grew and brown in colour. Houses for the privelaged are painted blue, the colour of the Mayor and supreme authority. Shops may only sell things such as food, like Maree's coffee shop, clothes - legal clothes - and manuals for being a good citizen of Our Great City. Office buildings are as tall as skyscrapers, all with the signature eye at their front.

Daily Life[]

👁 We watch because We care.

All residents in Metropolis are rigidly controlled by the City Council and the Mayor, with the laws condemning self-expression. Those who live in Metropolis have their lives carefully constructed, and their numbers counted when they are seventeen years old. At this age, the Partnership Seal is tattooed onto the citizens' necks, marking them as an official member of Our Great City.

Citizens are referred to as the Chosen People. They have been taught that they are evil, that they need the help of Sanitisation to control the 'taint' of creativity. They do not know what it best for them; the City Council does. They od not know if they are 'infected'; the City Council does.


The sealing from a child into an adult is marked by three Occasions:

  • Job Placement
  • Partnership Ceremony
  • The Sealing

The Job Placement determines what job you will work as for the rest of your life, until you are allowed to retire. Those higher in social class recieve better, higher-paying jobs, and those in middle and lower classes recieve things like plumbing and electrical engineering.

The Partnership Ceremony determines whom you will be with for the rest of your life. This is like a controlled wedding, with scientific calculations balancing your intelligence, traits and desires perfectly to ensure you have the perfect partner. You do not choose whom to love. Falling in love with someone in another Partnership resultsin Sanitisation, most probably of both parties.

The Sealing is when the Partnership Seal and your city ID code is printed onto your neck, tattooed so you cannot remove it. This marks your place as a fully functional adult citizen of Metropolis.

Platinum Jubilee[]

The Platinum Jubilee celebrates the sevenieth anniversary of Metropolis. The celebration is regulated and strictly bans any form of musical celebration, artwork and radical festival. It is merely an acknowledgement of how far Our Great City has become.


  • Escaped Metropolis citizens that reside in the Underground cover their Seals with tattoos or other art, trying to disband themselves from their otherwise permanent place in the city.
  • Teddy Veodrum's family is the poster family of Metropolis, with her father being the most trusted Senior Counsellor and her mother the editor of Metropolis's magazine.