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Michelle Maraj is a side character in SELF/LESS. She is the leader of Clan Gaia.


Michelle is the youngest and most dangerous clan leader in the Underground, being only fourteen years old. She has tight black curls that appear in a cloud around her head and dark skin. She wears a golden sari. Her eyes are hazel and her lips dark red.

Michelle's parents were from a tropical island, and though she is a True and was born in the Underground, she carries her tropics wiht her, decorating Clan Gaia with an island theme and wearing her sari. Her nails are long and leave marks on others. Michelle's teeth have been sharpened so they are canine-like, and each tooth has a jewel in its centre.

Michelle wears fruity perfume to reflect on her island personality, so fragrant it makes Teddy dizzy.


Michelle is described by Kit Trist as the post dangerous leader of them all. Her voice is soft in tone but loud in volume, and she is very flattering to Teddy Veodrum, the probationary leader of Clan Ember. Her actions are unpredictable and spontaneous, and she is always in a bouncy, giggling mood, even if what she says is nothing but dark. The first thing she asks Teddy is if she's really Jamie's new lover, and makes seemingly randomised and unnerving small talk. Though she says she doesn't listen to gossip, Teddy suspects that she does and knows everything, even things from other clans. Michelle gives legitemate advice to Teddy but also makes it clear in subtext that she is not to be challenged.

Despite her (outwardly) bubbly nature, her clan is scared to death of her. Michelle has thieves in her clan killed and makes people call her Your Majesty and bow. Michelle says things about death and destruction with a smile, showing off her canine teeth, and laughs in the face of danger.

Michelle is not afraid to push people's boundaries and uses a lot of physical contact despite what the other person wishes. Her clan custmo is to greet people by elaborately kissing them four times from cheek to cheek, in which her nails dig into Teddy's shoulder. She hugs Teddy and links arms with her, but does so unnervingly firmly.


  • Michelle has synesthesia, the ability to taste colours. She offers Teddy 'Blue Drink', a drink that is not blue but tastes blue.
  • Michelle's birthday is in March, when she will be fifteen.
    • This would either make her a Pisces or an Aries.