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On May 19th, 2018, AViVA did a interview with thesongcheck.org, with Tiana Speter:

TIANA SPETER: Firstly, thank you so much for chatting! You seem to be having quite an incredible 2018 so far, with a heap of tours and some brand new music…has it all been a blur so far, or have you been able to really take it all in?

  • AViVA: Thanks, yeah it’s been a pretty full on start to the year. My first single GRRRLS came out on Halloween in October and it’s all been rolling since then. I defiantly have been able to take it in. Everything that happens has my touch on it, so you really need to be present and mindful all the time!

TIANA: Speaking of new music, your new track ‘BRN’ is a sassy and silky middle finger to anyone who judges other people for being themselves. Do you remember a defining moment when you realised you could unapologetically be yourself? Were you an outsider growing up?

  • AViVA: Yeah. It’s a pretty big statement and I love that people are being so positive in their response to the song. There never was a moment, but I do remember year 10 at school being a year in which I really begun to just be me and see ya later to anyone who didn’t like that. I’ve always been a bit of an outsider, I remember ‘quirky’ being a common adjective people used to use to describe me. It pissed me off then, cause I could't understand why people couldn’t just accept me for being different but I learnt pretty quick that everyone loves to box people. I’m happy being an outsider. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

TIANA: Recently you’ve been warming up the crowds alongside Between You & Me and Tonight Alive – how’d the tour go?

  • AViVA: The tour went fantastically!! Tonight Alive are such an amazing band to watch live and Jenna is a beautiful soul. I’m really lucky to have this experience playing with such talented group of musicians!

TIANA: And also, earlier this year you were up onstage at Groovin’ The Moo in Canberra – tell us a bit about that experience, was it insane? We’ve heard nothing but glowing reports….

  • AViVA: It was a great experience! It was so illuminating to see such a huge production and how it’s run. I loved every minute!

TIANA: In terms of crowds and venues, do you have a particular preference between performing at these huge festivals and shows, or do you like a more intimate setting?

  • AViVA: I couldn’t pick. Both have such a different feel to them. I love the ability to really connect with an audience in a more intimate show. But in saying that, nothing beats the feeling of a huge stage and the ability to ‘spread my wings’ so to speak.

TIANA: And I believe you spend a lot of your time both in Sydney and LA – aside from the cultural differences, what do you find is the most significant difference between the two places? Do you feel more at home at one over the other?

  • AViVA: I love LA because it is so vibrant and alive and there is so much music happening there. I love Sydney because it’s my home, my family and friends are here. And the Bush. I love the Bush. That’s the downfall of LA, smog and a distinct lack of nature. Like most things pros and cons for both!

TIANA: You’re really crafting a name for yourself with this feisty, bombastic indie/emo pop, or whatever you’d like to call it! But what music did you actually grow up listening to? Was it always this energetic poppin' and rockin'' kind of stuff?

  • AViVA: I grew up listening to everything! All the people around me listened to different stuff- from Frank Sinatra, Lena Horn to The Smiths and Kate Bush... I wanted to absorb all the music I was surrounded with. I was going to symphony concerts at the opera house when I was 3! It really comes back to the feelings the music can induce for me... Gymnopedie no.1 by Eric Satie makes me feel just as much as This Is How I Disappear by MCR!

TIANA: And you’ve had your fair share of awesome tours already, but do you have a bucket list band/act you would love to tour with?

  • AViVA: I would LOVE to tour with TØP that’s a total life goal!!

TIANA: Ok picture this – you’re stranded on a desert island and you can only bring one album with you. What is it and why?

  • AViVA: The Swiss Family Robinson audiobook so I can get some hot tips on living on a deserted island!

TIANA: To start to wrap things up – you’re a bit of an emo punk queen, what tunes would you put on your ultimate playlist?

  • AViVA: One of my go to playlists has some of these killers on it!

TIANA: And finally, despite the insane success you’ve already had this year – what’s next for AViVA for 2018?

  • AViVA: I am LOVING this year but there is so much to come! More singles are going to released, and my debut novel SELF/LESS which is the start of the series I’m writing to accompany the songs. Every song, each artwork, all the film clips- it’s all tied together and the threads are going to be slowly released through the books!!

TIANA: Thank you so much for your time!

  • AViVA: Thanks Tiana!