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Teddy Veodrum is the main protagonist of SELF/LESS and the daughter of Luana and Paul Veodrum. She is originally from Metropolis City and is the accidental leader of Clan Ember.


Teddy is a self-insert of AViVA, having her yellow hair and features, but being seventeen. In the Metropolis, women and girls are made to wear skirts and blouses, though Teddy has filled her wardrobe with illegal items such as hoodies and track pants. She also keeps the green uniform pieces stolen from her school's lost property.

For her Occasions, she wears heels and a dress, and her mother buys her a pair of black short-heeled boots that come with black laces, though her mother swaps them with pink laces to match her Partnership dress and green laces for her Sealing (which never came). In the Underground, she wears a black hooded jacket, black track pants and black boots. She is gifted a pair of hand-made Scottish red and black plaid from Zelda Moon as her sealing-in as the Clan Leader.