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Teraz Rock-is a monthly hobby magazine in Poland about all kinds of rock music (metal, progressive rock, punk rock etc.).AViVA has done interview with this magazine.


She lives upstream and creates the same.She is a fan of The Smiths and classical music, but also a die-hard reader. Anastasia Payne(AViVA) from Australia, who works in the USA, has already released her debut album Volume I, and soon she will release her first novel -self / less.

Your album is called Volume I. We can get the impression that another album is already glued in your head ...

I titled the album Volume I ,because I wanted to point out that it is part of a larger project. The music it publishes hinges the world and stories from my book series. Volume I foreshadows a steadily evolving story and the fact that there are many paths to it.

So what Volume II will be about ?

The sound will be slight, but the message and patches will remain the same. Topics of being in control ,expressing yourself, fighting for what you believe in. All of these issues are crucial for me as a human being and in the current era of the AViVA project.

Your self / less debut novel will be released in the fall.You admitted that the music you create is the soundtrack for a book.Soundracks are rather for films ...

I have always loved reading books and listening to music. When I was a teenager I used to match stories to the music I listened to or I wrote music to the books I read. Then I thought, why do I do this for someone else's work? , Nobody has done it before, and I always go against the flow. I want to combine graphics, sound, stories, characters with which I end up befriending. It's exciting. I think that the recipients will also find something interesting in this concept.

You come from a musical family.You started learning to play the violin at an early age, and as a teenager you listened to the music of The Smiths, and your music is just far from what you grew up on. On Volume I we can hear rock, but also hip hop and electro pop...

(laughs) I've always liked music that touches me, but not necessarily sound like the one I make myself. I listen to a lot of classical music. I find it quite emotional. As a teenager, I listened to The Smitchs. Their songs had a huge impact on me, on who I was back then. It's music for those who feel that they fit into generally pleasant norms. That's how I felt. But what you listen to is not necessarily you, what you want to create yourself. Especially the words of my songs are an interpretation of my own experiences and feelings. I was also influenced by early scene of emo and pop punk, if you get influenced by many genres or artists your own music becomes more interesting.

However, there is one thing that connects your music very closely to the subject matter of The Smiths - being an outsider, what is it like to be an outsider among other outsiders?

When you are a teenager, it is hard to be an outsider. At this age you feel that you should or need to fit in. That was also the case with me. At thirteen or fourteen I had a lot of interest and my favorite music was classical music. It wasn't cool. My peers didn't find it interse. They were rather surprised that I didn't know what was popular on the radio. I didn't know how to feel good about myself. When I was fifteen I was fed up with it. I had my interests and I stopped caring about it, what others think. I always say that my music is for those who don't fit in and don't want to do what others do, but before you get to that, you have to go on a journey. First you realize that you don't fit in with the generally accepted norms, then you think you should adjust, and you don't want to do it after all. But reading comments and messages from fans, I know I'm not alone. Parents whose children are outsiders also write to me, thanking me for the music that helps and shows that being yourself is the best solution

You have a lot of fans here. Have you ever been to Poland?

Unfortunately, no.My great-grandmother was from Poland, she was born there. I would love to come, but I don't know when it will be possible. I hope that it will be possible to travel again soon. I have a lot of fans in Poland, because I feel a special bond with your country through my family history.


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