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The Underground is a primary location in SELF/LESS.


The Underground is a massive sprawling underground network directly beneath Metropolis City. It is where thousands of 'infected' individuals either flee or are born into, on the run from the City Council.

The Underground was formed forty years ago in the timeline to the story. When it began, all were peaceful and amicable, working together, but after some time, people began fighting, and it became split into five clans.


The Underground is split into five clans - Clan Ember, Clan Gaia, Clan Lux and two more unnamed clan. The Outskirters are those who belong to no clan, perhaps because they left or they were exiled for theft.

Clan Ember is the largest clan, with thousands of people. Ember's job is to distribute supplies obtained from Sympathisers above ground evenly between the five clans. It was previously ruled by Paula, and is now ruled by Teddy Veodrum.

Clan Gaia is the second largest clan, known infamously for its young and terrifying leader, Michelle Maraj. Gaia's job is to distribute food between clans. When Teddy visits Clan Gaia, she is shown a tent filled with fresh fruits that Michelle has grown through water pumped inside the ground.