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Studio Album[]




Genere: Alternative Pop


Label:PSYCHO Records

Producer: Matais Coulter

AViVA Chronology

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VOLUME ll is the upcoming second major label record by AViVA that will be attached to her second book.


AViVA announced her second album on youtube.In video called VOLUME II she gave a snippets of five upcoming songs.First single HYPNOTIZED was released on 07.05.2020.Second single DGAF (which also is bonus track on her debut album) was released on 18.06.2020.Another single EVIL was released on 16.07.2020.The next single HOUDINI was released on 16.03. 2021.The last single TWISTED was released on 04.06.2021.On 04.05.2021 AViVA posted a post ,,Who's ready for volume II''suggested that album may be released in this 2021.On 09.06.2021 AVIVA via Instagram confrimed that she recorded 25 unreleased songs for VOLUME II and VOLUME III.She also said that those songs will be release in the future.[1]


The album will be continue events from VOLUME I and SELF/LESS.

In interview AViVA said that the sound in VOLUME II will be slight,but the message and patches will remain the same(topics of being in control,expressing yourself,fighting for what you believe in)


Confirmed characters:

  • Teddy
  • Link
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Metropolis Council
  • Jamie

Possible characters:

  • Kit
  • Zelda
  • Drakk


Confirmed locations:

  • Metropolis
  • Tattoo Studio
  • Basement

Possible locations:

  • Metropolis Council.


Confirmed songs:

Possible songs:

See more on: Unreleased songs

Music Videos[]

No.Title Release Date of Music Video Length of Music Video

  1. HOUDINI 16.03. 2021 2:52
  2. TWISTED 04.03.2021 2:44


  1. EVIL is only song which got a remix.
  2. The video ,,VOLUME II'' is unlisted for an unknown reasons.