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Zelda Moon is a protagonist in SELF/LESS and the friend of Teddy Veodrum. She belongs to Clan Ember, working as a seamstress.


Zelda's long hair is black with streaks of scarlet and a fringe. Her lips are pierced with studs. She uses dark makeup and often wears black studded items. She likes to experiment with fishnet or metal designs. She wears an ankle-length skirt with a slit that goes all the way up to her hip.

In the cover for QUEEN OF THE FREAKS, Zelda is shown wearing a low, black V-necked short-cropped top tipped with fishnet and sporting loose sleeves. Her pants are black and she wears two thin belts of leather secured around her waist by rings. She has three thick silver rings on her right hand and a choker necklace with a silver oval gemstone or piece of metal. Her eyeshadow streaks to the sides of her face, matching the red streaks in her hair, and her lipstick is natural. There is a W-shaped tattoo on her right side.


Zelda is easygoing and inclusive, though she knows when to cut out toxicity. She evaluates people based on who they are rather than on their background, as is shown when she is introduced to Teddy and holds nothing against her despite the latter coming from the sunlight world. Zelda is loyal and devoted, devoted to those who pass her silent test of personality. She is generous and gifts Teddy with a pair of Scottish pants as a late present for her sealing-in of being Clan Head.

Zelda works as a seamtress and clothing designer, channelling her creativity into her clothing. Zelda has a talent for sewing as she creates this pair of black-and-red plaid pants with Teddy's perfect dimensions. She also reveals that she has a Scottish background, her family being descended from Clan Wallace seventy or eighty years ago, before the nuclear fallout of the Earth beyond Metropolis. Zelda is currently in a relationship with a man in Clan Ember named Mark.



Zelda has a positive relationshpi with her boyfriend and trusts him, being at ease near him. Their personalities are similar, and both of them advocate for Teddy.

Teddy Veodrum[]

When introduced to Teddy, Zelda does not immediately despise her for her background like many of the Underground. She evaluates Teddy's behaviour and becomes loyal to her, fighting for her rights and sticking to her in Teddy's struggle to be accepted as Clan Head. She does not believe Link and Petra's lies about her and seeks her out after Teddy mysteriously goes missing. Zelda also sews Teddy a pair of Scottish plaid pants as a gift for her welcoming to the clan.

Kit Trist[]

Zelda is generally warm to Kit, even though Kit's personality causes her to bounce back and forth between liking Zelda. Kit has tried to push Zelda away as a defense mechanism before, but Zelda clung on and Kit now realises she can't get rid of her loyal friend. They are wuoted to having a "love-hate relationship" by Jamie Guise.

Jamie Guise[]

Zelda considers Jamie a friend, but their relationship is not as strong as with Kit or Teddy.

Leelo Trist[]

Zelda reveals that she feels sorry for Leelo and does not approve of her, but isn't willing to push her away or do anythign to harm her. She warns Teddy abotu Leelo's backstabbing nature.


  • Zelda appears in the cover art for QUEEN OF THE FREAKS.
  • Zelda's tattoo of a W may be a referenece to her family belonging to Clan Wallace in Scotland.